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Our Process

Your wealth tells a powerful story about where you’ve been. Beyond investments and assets, it’s a distinct account of the hard work you’ve put in, the obstacles you’ve overcome, and the growth you’ve achieved along the way. At Homans and Associates Wealth Management, we are driven to help you write the next incredible and rewarding chapter of your life.

Positioning ourselves as the co-authors of your future, we’ve developed a process that places you and your family at the very heart of a financial plan. We invite you to explore the progression outlined below and gain clarity on steps we take to help ensure your story leads exactly to where you want to be.


During our initial meeting, we take an in-depth look into the people and experiences you value and determine how these priorities shape the way you save, spend, and invest money. 


Next, we pinpoint your current areas of concern, assessing both the fiscal and emotional effects of these hurdles.


Once our team has learned everything we can about your situation, the conversation turns to the guidance, education, and advice you’d like to receive from our experts.


Gathering and analyzing your financial data, we detect areas where change or improvement is needed to get you on track to your goals.


As we construct your personalized plan, we explain your options and answer your questions with honesty and transparency. 


Our combined efforts come to fruition when we carry out your plan, revisiting it several times a year to oversee its movement.

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