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Investment Management

Freedom. Independence. Confidence.

Time and again, we meet clients who want to reach a place where they are liberated of financial worries and safe to explore their greatest passions. Whether you are nearing the end or just past the starting line, Homans and Associates Wealth Management is ready to journey alongside you, designing and implementing an investment strategy that accounts for both your specific goals and your ideal timeline.

The customized course of action we suggest begins with a close look at your current portfolio to identify areas to improve or change based on your risk tolerance. Our team then proposes a plan for asset allocation with a focus on minimizing risk. Quarterly statements and scheduled meetings allow us to analyze and evaluate your performance within the market, as well as reposition you if necessary. With one eye fixed on the horizon and the other continually monitoring your investments, our mission is to help you make short-term progress which will lead to long-term results.

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