Are you going through a life change that may affect your financial needs?

Have you recently changed jobs?

Are you recently divorced or widowed?

Are you planning ahead for a future college student?

Are you saving enough for your retirement?

Are you prepared for your family’s long-term needs?

Are you ready to start planning your legacy?

Are you comfortable with the financial advice you are receiving? 


Everyone knows that life is full of questions, and it isn’t easy to be prepared for the unexpected.  When it comes to your finances, you can anticipate some twists and turns along the way and it’s important to have the right financial planning partner beside you as you navigate your journey.  

At Homans & Associates, we want to get to know you and your vision.  We will provide answers to your financial planning questions and develop individualized recommendations through our Wealth Management planning process. Together we will identify your goals, develop a roadmap, and provide a means to measure your progress.

You are our first priority.  

Mission Statement

Homans & Associates provides investment portfolio management and financial planning strategies for individuals in every stage of life.  We serve as a trusted partner to our clients by offering valuable expertise, personalized recommendations and in-depth investment and tax planning strategies to help enhance their financial security and achieve their goals.


Neither SagePoint Financial, nor its registered representatives, offer tax or legal advice.